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Encrypts and password-protects the sensitive data on the users PC
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Stop other people from accessing files, folders, and even any applications on your computer by locking them with a password. Encrypt the data that you don't want others to see so that it can't be read without the right key. Additionally, the tool also stops unauthorized users from installing applications on the PC.

WinGuard Pro 2011 is a Windows application which offers a secure use of applications and files on a computer. It password-protects files from intruders or simple users preventing access. It also encrypts files and folders and is capable of disabling unauthorized installation of programs.

WinGuard Pro is an excellent solution when a computer is used by multiple users. Though Windows itself is capable of adding restrictions to accounts, it isn’t nearly as customizable and has less features. With WinGuard also the task keys, web browser/downloading and self extracting files can be blocked.

The current version features folder locking which adds passwords to indicated folders. This locking function is integrated into Widows Explorer context menu for you to quickly protect files & folders with a click. Also a boot password can be configured to run when starting up a computer so it is safe even from the beginning. Another feature is the Parental Time Control, which allows users to protect their children from accessing applications, files or anything they shouldn’t be messing with at a certain period of time.

There is also a free version but it has less features like no Windows boot password, only works in one account, software installation is allowed, etc. In spite of these limitations the free version is really useful and suits basic needs.

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  • Protects the computer and system from intruders
  • Password protection
  • File encryption
  • Program locks
  • Application restrictions


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